Spring Semester Recital 2012

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Semester Recital on June 9th. It was a lovely morning and you all played so well. At our solo recitals I am always impressed by the progress each student is making individually but it is at these group recitals at the end of the semester that I can really catch a vision of what is happening within my studio. Thank you for your hard work and preparation and a special thank you to my mom for accompanying us! I hope you all enjoyed playing together.

The program began with the Twinklers playing the Monkey Song, the Bread Song, and Mississippi Hot Dog Twinkle–all with a ready go. We have been working on ensemble and the hard task of playing together which means each student has to get ready and then wait for the group. As we continue to improve our wait time will get shorter and shorter while we (hopefully) keep all 12 of us together. Well done Twinklers!

Interspersed through the recital were piano solos including: Trumpet Song and Wagtime, Wind in the Trees and Hot Cross Buns, The Dance Band, and Cowboy Jo and Petite Minuet.

Since not all violin students could perform solos only a handful of students performed solo selections ranging from Song of the Wind to La Folia in Book 6.

Group pieces were selected from Book 2 and Book 1 and were as follows: Hunters’ Chorus, Chorus from Judas Maccabeus, Minuet 3, Allegro, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Lightly Row, and all the Twinkle Variations and Theme. As we moved through the repertoire from hardest piece backwards, students joined the group as we came to the pieces they knew, ending with all the students playing Twinkle together. For many of my students this was considered their “Twinkle Graduation.” ┬áCongratulations!

Pictures will be uploaded to the “Studio” tab soon so you can click and drag the ones you would like to save. I’m including a few of my favorites with this post (click on them to see the whole photo).