Every student has specific materials that need to be brought to every lesson. Attending lessons without the needed books is pointless.

For violin students, having good instruments directly effects the sound produced. In the early years of playing there are many things involved in creating beautiful tone. This is made much harder when students are using an instrument of poor quality. Good instruments can be found—for sale or for rent. Typically a trial period should precede the purchase of an instrument during which time I would love to hear and examine it. Every home should have a stand (of the appropriate height) which should be used during practice time. Time is spent weekly at lessons correcting posture and other set-up issues that is immediately negated when practicing without a stand.

Having access to a full size keyboard is mandatory for all piano students. All piano students should have a bench of the appropriate height or make necessary adjustments to their bench so they are able to play sitting tall with their hands in the correct position in relation to the keys.