Your lesson time is reserved for you.  I try very hard to maintain a consistent teaching schedule and I understand that conflicts arise, for me as well as for you. This is an area in which I have very little flexibility. In the case that rescheduling a lesson is necessary, you will be provided with a list of names and numbers of my other students and it will be up to you to exchange times with one of them and let me know of the switch in advance. Missed lessons are made up only in emergency situations, as my schedule allows. In the event that a lesson swap is not possible, contact me. 1 snow/sick day can be made up each semester, again, as my schedule allows.

PLEASE NOTE: I require 24 hours notice before the cancellation of a lesson.

I will provide a detailed calendar monthly, specifically outlining when your child’s lessons will be held.  This is the calendar that should be used when swapping times with other students and as a concrete reference for lesson, group/studio class, and recital times.  I make monumental efforts to stick to this calendar and reschedule only when absolutely necessary. Please mark these dates on your family calendars as soon as you receive it.

FOR ALL MONDAY STUDENTS: I teach all Monday holidays except Labor Day and Memorial Day. Moving lessons to the morning is always an option, but lessons will be held. Please plan accordingly.

All studio calendars can be found on my website.

A word about tardiness: If you are late, please do not expect me to extend your lesson into the next student’s time.