Hello Studio!

Hopefully everyone survived getting back to school and hopefully schedules are starting to feel a bit more normal! The first Parent Education post can now be viewed on the Studio Blog.

• This week we have our first group classes: Group 1 comes Tuesday at 6pm and the Twinkle Group comes on Friday at 5pm.

• Our Back to School Recital is this Saturday, Sept. 15th, at 6:30pm. It is at the LDS Belmont Chapel at 15 Ledgewood Place. Plan to be there even if you child is not participating. All are welcome and feel free to bring a treat to share. As with all recitals, concert dress is required for all performing and suggested for all attending: no flip flops, no jeans, no shorts.

I have distributed paper copies of the Studio Policies, Fall Semester 2012 Calendar, Info Sheet and Contract, and Group Class lists to most families in the studio but a few of you I have missed. Please remind me in case I missed you! I’ll make sure to get those out this week so you can return your info sheet/contract as close to Sept. 15th as possible.