I received some great responses back to my Parent Education question from last week about the non-musical benefits of taking music lessons. I’ll be sharing some of those next week but this week I wanted to give you my list. Read through and see if you agree/ disagree or if you can think of additional things that should be added.

Body awareness.
How to stand tall and confident
Small motor skill development
Listening skills.
Hearing something and being able to reproduce it
Eye finger coordination
Ear finger coordination
Hearing directions and following them
Working as a team with an adult
Being part of a group (playing implications and behavior implications)
Accountability: how to have a job and be held responsible for it
Group behavior
Respect to parent
Respect for adult
Respect for peers
Problem solving: how to break down a big project into bite size chunks
Recognizing positive qualities
Learning how to give and take criticism
Learning how to fail/how to react when things don’t go as you had planned
Achieving goals
Doing hard things
Having fun in a learning environment
Time management: practicing/getting ready for concerts
Preparednes/ownership: bringing books, instrument
Care of instrument/taking care of something fragile
Persistence/doing something you don’t like sometimes
How to track progress
Short term and long term goals: how to set/how to achieve

If you think of more, please tell me and we’ll add them to the list.