For many Twinklers, especially those who are very young, you do not start lessons with a “real” violin. You begin with a “fake” violin” or a box violin. We do this for several reasons, with safety and durability topping the list. (“Real” violins tend to be broken violins if they fall to the floor…)┬áSo until we know your little someone can care for his or her instrument and has the strength to not drop it, we use a box.

To assemble a box violin you will need several items, most of which you will around your house.

1. an empty macaroni and cheese box (or one of a similar size/shape/WIDTH-you want to choose a box that will fit comfortably under the chin of your child, approximately one inch thick)

2. a wooden ruler (or something as thin, wide, and long)

3. tape (one that is durable and another that is clear for decorating)

4. contact paper or any other paper to completely cover the box

5. stuffing material (newspaper, old socks missing their mate, quilt batting, etc.)

6. misc. decorating supplies


Step #1: Take your empty box and stuff it full of something…wadded up newspaper works really well. The box needs to be filled so it does not collapse when held between a heavy head and a shoulder.

Step #2: Take your heavy duty tape and tape the ruler so that it is centered on the right small side of the box with 6 or 7 inches hanging over the side.

Step #3: Cover your box with contact paper or wrap it like a present with a paper grocery sack, wrapping paper or construction paper.

Step #4: Decorate it if you like. We will be adding some specific parts to it at lessons.

Happy practicing!