Scheduling for Summer Semester 2012 and Fall Semester 2012 begins now.

I do not subscribe to the philosophy that we take the summer off. If anything, I view summer as my time to hit it hard with my students. Schedules open up and we can accomplish so much more than when they are busy busy busy. What better way to spend a summer than practicing….

If you wish to keep you current lesson time next fall, I need to know by April 15th. THIS DOES NOT NEED TO REMAIN YOUR TIME OVER THE SUMMER, BUT THAT CAN BE ARRANGED IF YOU PREFER TO KEEP THINGS THE SAME.

If you do not register for Summer Semester 2012 your time slot will not be held. In the past, I have had students take the summer off, but have paid for lessons simply to hold their spot in the Fall. This would not be my choice as a parent, but it is an option.

Tuning Up: Dates for Tuning Up! 2012 were distributed back in February and I hope they made it to your calendar. It will be held the week of July 16th – 20th with a performance that evening. This is a studio wide event. Please refer to the page on Tuning Up! for more details.

Group: Every student is assigned to a group. Group over the summer will be held at the following times:

Twinkle Group is for all Twinkle and Pre-Twinkle students and is held every other Tuesday @ 6pm (see attached Calendar).

Group 1 is for all students who have graduated from Twinkle but are still in Book 1. This class is held every other Monday @ 5pm and will be 45 minutes long.

Piano Group is for all piano students and will be held on July 1st and July 30th at 5pm.

****PLEASE NOTE: THESE GROUPS WILL BE HELD AT THE SAME TIME IN THE FALL. If you have questions about which group your child will be in so you can mark your calendar now give me a call. I will also be adding a Group 2 on Tuesdays @ 6pm that will rotate weeks with the Twinkle Group.

Review the attached calendar for Summer Semester 2010. Lessons are scheduled week by week and that begins now. This is easier in person rather than over the telephone. Plan on bringing your family calendar to your child’s next lesson and taking the first five minutes of their lesson to schedule July and August.  (I schedule lessons week by week to accommodate family vacations, summer camps, and conflicts that so often arise in the summer. This is to keep me sane and our lessons together somewhat regular. Many find this very confusing the first time they do it. If it is give me a call and/or we can find a time to meet.)

Thank you!


Summer Semester 2012 Teaching Schedule

Tuning Up! 2012 Schedule