I began teaching Todd in February, knowing full well that he would be leaving at the end of the school year when his family moved to Texas. The time went so quickly and on Friday (May 25th) we had his Twinkle Graduation at my house. He played all the twinkles, the A Major Scale, and the A Arpeggio. If we’d had one more week he could have done Lightly Row as well…He has come so far so quickly!

When Todd first began his lessons he was very eager to “start playing,” not really wanting to take the time necessary to get his body organized or to really focus in on the details of what he was doing but once he began going down his checklist (feet, back, nose, violin, etc.) it was smooth sailing–I think once he was introduced to the bow division of Twinkle Theme he was able to add the notes immediately!

Well done Todd! We’ll miss you but wish you the best.

(Too bad I don’t have a picture with his face in it…But isn’t his bowhold beautiful?)

Todd Graduation Certificate